The story about paper bags and the market’s best prices, or why we guarantee you at least a 10% lower price on what you pay for your promotion materials today. We call it “The Open Book” negotiations…

“The Open Book” negotiations simply means that both you and we play with “open hands”. Practically, this means that you tell us what you pay for the production of your paper bags today and we give you a price  guaranteed to be at least 10% lower than the price you state and can document. If you adjust a little on formats and paper qualities and coordinate several of your campaigns, you may be able to achieve both 15 and 20% lower prices than the prices you have today. Give us your prices and we promise you a significant cost saving overall.

How do we manage to give you a lower price? Through extensive investments of tens of millions of NOK in new and modern production equipment and the purchase of paper and board in large volumes as well as efficient production and logistics solutions, we take care of your production assignments from A to Z and can offer you good quality at the market’s absolute lowest prices!

How much do you save? You can easily calculate how much you save by subtracting 10, 15 or 20 percent from the prices you pay today. If you buy shop materials for eg NOK 5 million, you save at least half a million. If you buy for 10 million, you have a whole million NOK that you can spend on more store materials or other marketing activities.



Media 1 delivers paper bags via “The Open Book” negotiations based on documented offer prices, printing specifications and productions approved by both parties.

Media 1 strives to maintain the same level of quality for the production of all paper bags  delivered entered into an agreement.

Media 1 delivers paper bags according to agreed production plan.

Terms of sale and delivery in accordance with Media 1  AS’ standard cooperation agreement as well as terms of sale and delivery for the graphic industry in Norway.

Feel free to send us your specifications today and we will give you a very competitive price.

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