Automated publications management.

Automated publications managent is less chaotic, less resource-intensive, with less human involvement requiring less time in producing prepress materials. It demands structure, accuracy and ability to follow established plans. Up to 95% of the output is performed by computers connected in networks accessed to databases containing template documents, meta data, images, texts and price informations.

The process starts with planning. 
The base is the production start date – the day we start printing. From that date, we plan backwards in time to find the project start date. In the publisher’s category department, all promotional products included in the campaign are selected. All data (images, proofread texts, meta data and prices) are uploaded to a database.

Based on an approved page layout, the page documents are produced.  The products data are imported from the database and placed in the layout drawn up in the template documents. After data import is finished, each page original is automatically generated in just a few minutes.

Anyone authorized to approve documents, will review the finished PDF files. Layout Manager then performs the latest modifications. Final adjustments are completed and the PDF files are updated and transferred either to the printing company, the digital distributor or the print shop producing the instore materials.

Properly planned and implemented, this way of producing prepress materials for flyers and instore materials saves power, personnel and a lot of time. It may perform up to 80% in time savings. Over time, cost savings can be significant. This solultion gets the job done. Quickly and efficiently,  without delays and mistakes.

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