The Team
Media 1 is a group of advertising professionals, with extensive experience and proven success in creating print and web-based materials for retailers.

Our business idea
We aim to make your day easier when developing marketing and informational materials for your business. We do this by providing you with unique concepts, cost-effective solutions, and a skilled staff who will work with you every step of the way!

Our vision
We make your marketing readily available on paper, the web, and on mobile devices.

We make it easier, better, and cheaper to bring your marketing and informational materials to customers and partners.
It is our main duty to assist you in getting your message across clearly and attractively.
We will help you to create useful, valuable materials.
We lighten your load.
We give you full value for your money.

Our target market
We work with companies and organizations who want to publicize their products or services online and/or in print.

Primary: Retail industry leaders who need their product information published for multichannel marketing.
Secondary: Companies, organizations, and institutions that need to produce printed or web-based information on their products or services.

You create the concept, we create the experience!

You might already have the text and images, or maybe you just have a good idea. You may even have the particular person in mind that you want to reach with your message. You want to give that person an experience that will make them take note. If this is what you’re looking for, then come to us with your ideas and we can get things moving!

We are happy to share our knowledge with you in order to shape your message, and then choose the right production methods and distribution channels. We will create something that your target audience can understand, whether it is meant for paper, computer screens or mobile displays. We also take care of the production and distribution. This is how we move from visualization to publication.

We create the experience for the people you want to reach!

  • Reach us+47 913 09 321

  • Drop A Line: P.O. Box 605 Løren N-507 Oslo Norway

  • Mail us Today: post@media1norge.no