Satisfied customers are vital for your business

The statement is becoming more and more valid – both in 2018 and in the years to come. Did you know: Approx. 20% of your customers account for 80% of your turnover? They are the customers who often come in, and each time they buy something from you. Without these customers, you hardly have any business to run. They are critical to the operation and are they you absolutely must never lose. Therefore, it becomes more and more necessary to take care of them.

In order to take care for your most important customers, you need tools to register when they visit you and what they buy. Then you can offer them what they need. Dog food is for dog owners only. Charcoal is not important to people living in a townhouse without a patio.

Do you know, or do you have an overview of what all customers are shopping? With a tool to identify customers, plus an integration at the checkpoint to registers purchases, you quickly get a purchase history you can use to send the customer offers of goods / services he is interested in buying. Certainly what he often uses. In addition, if you can reward the customer for the effort by trading goods he needs with you, he will soon develop into a loyal customer. The most loyal customers will talk about you and your store to friends and acquaintances, and about what they received from you in the form of discounts and prizes. Such clients become ambassadors for your business. The more ambassadors you manage to develop, the better the results are achieved.

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