Reaching your target groups who refuse receiving flyers in their mailbox

According toStatistics Norway”, there are 2 376 971 households i Norway in 2018. Approximately 1,3 millions refuse receiving flyers in their mailbox. Then you miss reaching out to one half of the Norwegian market with your messages. In the cities, approximately 70% of the households refuse receiving paper flyers. Anyway, paper flyer distributions are profitable and generate results for all distributors. But how is it possible to reach the market refusing to refusing to receive your flyers? You have to be creative, look for possibilities and run all possible combinations between them:

• Flyers and newspaper inserts combined
Norwegians still read local newspapers printed on paper. By distributing inserts in local newspapers you can increase the numbers of readers significantly. In some major cities, as for instance Bergen, this way you can reach twenty thousand more households normally refusing to receive flyers in their mailboxes.  You will achieve the same effect other places too, carrying out the same strategy. Of course you will discover some double coverage, but when the problem is that you can’t reach your target group, this  “problem” is manageable.

• Flyers combined with mail delivery
Create an analog, mail delivery service distributing your flyers in the mail. A lot of people do want to receive special offers from selected, local industries. Like joinery when they are redecorating their homes, or when they are planning to purchase a new TV set or mobile phone.  Everyone are interested to receive relevant offers from their local vendor. With such a mail service they avoid getting their mailbox filled up with offers not relevant to them at all.

• Flyers, mail delivery and newspaper inserts combined
Both above combinations combined into one. This way, you know those who will receive your flyers in the mail are in the market to purchase something from you. Together with the newspaper distribution service, you will reach out to many more. This way you can reach much more than half your market.

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