Reaching your target groups who refuse receiving flyers in their mailbox

According to “Statistics Norway”, there are 2.475.168 households i Norway in 2020. Approximately 1,47 millions refuse receiving unaddressed direct mail in their mailbox. Then you miss reaching out to more than one half of the Norwegian households with your messages. In the cities, approximately 80 % of the households refuse receiving paper flyers in their mail box. Anyway, paper flyer distributions are profitable and generate results for all distributors. But how is it possible to reach the market refusing to receive your flyers? You have to be creative, look for possibilities and run all possible combinations between them:

•  Flyers and newspaper inserts combined
Norwegians still read their local papers on paper.  By distributing inserts in the local newspapers you can reach more readers. In major cities, like Bergen, this way you may reach approx twenty thousand more households who don’t want to receive flyers in their mailbox. You will achieve the same effect elsewhere as well, and implement the same strategy. Of course, you will discover some double coverage, but when the problem is that you can not reach your target audience, this “problem” is manageable.

•  Flyers and postal delivery combined 
Create an analog mail delivery service distributeing your flyers in the mail. Many people want to receive special offers from selected, local industries. Like from the carpenter when they are renovating their homes, or when they are planning to buy a new TV or a mobile phone. Everyone is interested in receiving relevant offers from their local supplier. With such a postal service, they avoid having their mailbox filled with offers that are not relevant to them at all.

•  Flyers, postal delivery and newspaper inserts combined
Both services bundled together to one. This way you are certain that your clients who are in the market buing something will receive relevant informations from you. Combined with the newspaper distribution system you will reach even more readers. This way you will reach at least fifty percecnt of the total market all together.

•  Appendix Plus
A combination containing flyer, newspaper insert and a digital edition. On the same day you distribute the newspaper insert you insert an ad on the front page of the nerspaper’s digital edition. The ad contains a link to your flyer’s digital edition. With the help of ypur digital flyer you can build subcription lists. Each subscriber will in the future receive an SMS or an e-mail to your future editions of the flyer. The mails and/or SMSs are sent to the subcribers the same day the analog edition is distributed.  Subscibers got to have  possibility to remove their name, e-mail address and mobile number from the subscibers list.
•  “Thank you – but No Thanks” Plus Edition
“The No thanks group” claim they are receiving too much paper in their mailbox at the same time. It becomes difficult to keep track.  Still, they want to receieve catalogues and flyers from a few publishers. Like The Ikea Catalogue. Delivered either on paper or digitally on e-mail or SMS. This service is built to serve these persons.

Content marketing digitally or on paper. 
Content Marketing is a new term derived from our new ways to consume media content. If you produce and distribute papers with editorial content and not too muh adverts, the rules for “Flyes – no thank you” don’t  apply. This kind of editorial content papers may be distributed to every mailbox all over the country. Alltogether, only approx. two thousand persons say “Thank you – no” to this kind of flyers.
Be aware of the special Slike «innholdsaviser» er det bare i underkant av to tusen mennesker som har reservert seg mot. Please note that there are special rules for the proportion of advertising in such publications. The advantage is that you can present a rich and varied message that can lead to sales.


•  Selected, digital communication channels across the store’s local market
In today’s society, everything you do is digitally registered and stored. Via various tracking services, it is registered that you e.g. has been in an equipment or interior design business. All pages you browse on the internet are registered and stored for a period. This creates a pattern revealing you may be searching for special product groups.
All the data is coordinated, and digital ads tailored to the product groups you have shown interest in are displayed on the websites you are browsing. If you have searched for holiday travel, you will get lots of ads for it on the web pages you look at in the days afterwards. This is called a “digital lid”. You can use it to advertise your messages digitally to those you know who are interested in the product groups you sell.
By implementing one ore more of the strategies above you will have the possibilities to reach out to more households than just distribute flyers.

Please, get in touch  to analyze possibilities and combinations helping you to obtain higher coverage for your market materials in you market areas. 

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