Digitize your printouts

The printed version of your flyer can be displayed on the internet as a digital flyer. Increased distribution, new readers, higher exposure rates, and interactivity are some of the added values you’re gaining.

Add real-time statistics and measure the impact of your campaign. In addition, you can charge for ads, develop customer databases and gain valuable knowledge about your readers. Digitalized issues are not printed which decrease the costs of paper, print, and distribution.

By distributing your flyers and catalogues this way, your issues become almost like a web page. You can link to all possible webpages, post movies, animation and podcasts. Create table of contents and link internally inside the publication.

A digital flyer you can read on PC, Mac, tablet and mobile phone. Anyone with an online connection – no matter where they are – can read your publication. Send the URL in a SMS to those who wish to read. Add link on your own website, on all promotional materials and establish a service where those who wish to read can send a password via SMS (eg “newspaper”) to phone number 2404. Then they will receive the URL to your digital flyer in response and can click on it to read.

The digital flyers are generated from the same PDF-file used for printing on paper. You can transfer a PDF-file to us via Filemail. A few minutes later you will receive the URL to your own digitalized flyer.

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