Increase sales and create new leads with digital flyers

Let your customers shop directly from your customer accounts or product catalogs. While sitting in the comfort of their home.

Make it easy. Present what you want to sell, let the customer click and shop directly online. Enter link through “Shopping Cart” next to the product you want to sell.

Leave a link to subscribe to newsletter so that you can send an email or text message the next time a new customer magazine comes out.

Publish on the appointed date and at the specified time. Fully automatic.

Custom, integrated cash register solution makes it easy for customers to shop. Absolutely safe, as in any online store


Increases  sales from your flyers

• Digital flyers are perfect for digital publication of brochures, directories and flyers.

• Make your publications readable on PC, tablet and mobile in the right format and easy to browse. You can decide both start and end dates for when the publication.

• Use your own web address with your own company name such as http://flyer.yourcompany.no

• Add video, animation, or sound to enhance the message. Link to all pages internally in the publication and to all web pages that are available.

• Create your own index-page with links directly to the content referred to. Collect different publications of the same category in a separate content folder. You may also create an archive to store older publications.

• Create awareness about special themes using popups. Link internally in the publication, to other publications or to external web pages.

• Full overview and statistics. Find the number of readers of each publication and the time when the publications are read. See what readers have clicked on and what products are creating interest. May also be integrated via Facebook, Adform or Slot Note. Prepared for SEO.

• Enable shopping and email checkout directly in your catalogs, and make it easier and faster for your customers to purchase the products they want. Embed your catalogue in your webshop and give the users a unified basket that spans webshop and catalogue seamlessly

• Promote the publication using the “mini-version” – i.e. a tiny edition of the publication. Use this version to market the publication via the local newspaper where your shop is located. Insert links and/or QR-codes on your own web-pages, in outgoing emails and in newsletters. Share the publications via Social Media

• A great tool in content marketing.

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