Today’s challenge is to get the messages out to the target group

59,54 % of Norwegian households say No thanks to receive unaddressed direct mail in their mailbox. In the metropolitan areas, the proportion is even bigger: Up to 81,8 % in Oslo, 80,3 % in Bergen, 73,9 % in Stavanger, 77,2 % in Trondheim and 72,7 % in Kristiansand. Then it becomes a real challenge to get the messages out via direct advertising on paper. Other moments that make it challenging to come through are:

• Newspaper papers on paper dump.
Some newspapers have experienced more than 20% reduction in printouts.

• Ad Blocking on the Internet.

• Email and SMS broadcasts require permission from the recipient

• Browser filters become more advanced

Set above this reality, you who have something to tell your audience need to be creative to get the message out. The situation is not hopeless – it’s all about taking advantage of the opportunities available.

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